About Us

What We Do

Analytics and Insights Matter, LLC (AIM) is an analytics consulting firm specializing in customer experience measurement and analysis.
We answer questions like:
• What are the top five actions my business can take that will increase sales?
• Of the services we provide, which are most likely to increase customer loyalty?
• What is the profile of my ideal customer?
• How do I find, attract, and keep my ideal customer?
• Is our new system/service/method having the impact we expected?

How We Do It
• With decades of training and practical experience, AIM consultants work with you
collaboratively while methodically exploring and understanding your business.
• We design and execute leading edge measurement and analysis solutions, such as
employee and customer experience causal modeling, providing you with actionable insights and recommendations.
• A differentiator for AIM is that we view
your business through the lens of your
Customer Experience Ecosystem™.

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